Monday, 16 March 2015

Use Ramps 1.4 with Leadshine Microstepper Driver

Running a larger stepper driver with Ramps 1.4.


To connect the Prusa board to other larger size stepper driver, locate the 3 pin Puls, DIR, COM as illustrated above. Use jumper wire slot into those pins then the other end goes to the stepper driver :

Here below is another example of the wiring:
That's all.


  1. what firmware am i to use on this larger size stepper setup

  2. I'm not quite sure if you are referring to Prusa firmware or something else, but the leadshine stepper is basically the same as RAMPS 1.4 stepper driver, they all accept Step and Dir signal coming out of the prusa board, just need to find the correct pins.

  3. Hey.. i made a Prisa i3 printer
    and i want to use a 6 pin stepper motor as the extruder #2
    i have the same set up but Marlin is giving me errors.

    im not an experienced guy.. i thought of learning it im stuck.

    do you guys have any advice ?
    id really appreciate it


  4. Hi Viko,
    You might want to post some pictures so I can have a look, or a video of how you got the error, uploaded the pictures or videos to Photobucket and copy & Paste the link here when reply.