Monday, 16 March 2015

Direct PCB Printer - T22

 Direct PCB Printer - Epson T22

This was previously posted on DIY Drones, and because the account was suspended without warnings and no reason at all I decided to post it here in blogspot, enjoy!.

Here I'll post step by step modification on my Epson S22/T22 to a PCB printer.
Below is a Epson S22/T22:

Taking bits apart:

Up to this point I test-printed a page to see if the printer works as before.

Powe Module off:

Pull the pin/plug off the board, then pull the power module out.

I got an error and my guess was that I raised the rail a bit too high, so I changed the washers to a thinner one, 1 washer = 0.75mm. Some people would raise the printer Head rest mechanism the same height as the washers, but I'm not doing that.

Test print:

Just few minutes ago I was trying out Epson printing options to get the best result of black ink on to the copper clad board, started by choosing Quality option---> photo the paper option--->Epson Photo--->print, then back to paper option--> Epson Glossy-->print and so on. The one that I prefer the most were Photo + plain paper, before printing I use a piece of sand paper fine grade and sand it over the copper clad so that the ink stick better, see the result

Before printed out the image look like this:

Adding Aluminium railings for PCB feed.

I used glue gun to hold the left rail to the printer housing, is faster.


PCB board feeding video:

@00:11 sec, I pull and push the board twice quickly to trigger the plastic lever for 'paper loaded', then the rollers pulls the board in. If you would push once sometime it will not detect properly and printer will assume that paper is not loaded.

Paper detection sensor upclose:


  1. Super!!! thank you for your share project!

  2. Thank you for share this modification...I have a one whith the same mechanism, Epson TX125...I wil make one too !!!